Movie Quotes: Street Kings

movie street kings dvdHere are my favorite Movie quotes from the movie Street Kings that was released on 4/11/08, starring Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker. The Game, Cedric the Entertainer, and Common also appear in the this movie... This movie was directed by David Ayer's(Training Day) and also had help writing the script from James Ellroy, writer of L.A. Confidential. I am going to leave the review of Street Kings to the people that do that best and I will focus on the quotes that I liked.

Here are the quotes that I liked from the Movie Street Kings...

  1. "Blood doesn't wash away blood,"

  2. "You can't ride the tiger forever,"

  3. "Time to turn the page and close the book."

  4. "We're the police. We can do whatever the hell we want."

  5. "So we're just gonna go in there and kill him?"

  6. "No, I'm gonna ask him some questions... then we're gonna kill him."

    More Quotes coming ...keep checking back... the quote machine.

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