Michael Krasny Business Success Quotes

Michael Krasny is a Jewish-American businessman from Illinois. He is the founder and former chief executive officer of CDW Corporation, a direct seller of technical gadgets including computers and networking equipment. Krasny's previous job before creating CDW was that of a Toyota car salesman for his father at Arlington Toyota.

After quitting his job as a car salesman in 1982, Krasny was forced to sell his own computer for cash. Reportedly, so many people responded to his sales ad listed in the Chicago Tribune that Krasny began buying computers in order to resell them, taking CDW public a decade later in 1993. According to Forbes, his first caller from 1982 is still a customer (as of 2000). [1]

In 2005, Forbes magazine named Krasny the 293rd richest man in the world, with an estimated wealth of USD $1.90 billion.

  1. “Things never came easy for me,”

  2. “Computer Science was the only class I really enjoyed,”

  3. “I never had a business plan for CDW, just the passion for technology,” said Krasny. “I knew that I wanted to control my own destiny, and the firm evolved from that.”

  4. “success means never being satisfied.”

  5. “Shareholder value is not my primary concern, and customers are not my primary concern,” he said. “Put your co-workers first and all else follows.”

  6. “I’ve tried to lead with humbleness,” he said. “A good manager puts others’ needs first.”

  7. “Make your work personal and make it more than just a business.”

  8. “Innovation was our middle name, and not everything worked,” he said. “But our people knew it was better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

  9. "For whatever reason, I decided to follow a path out, which was just as interesting as the one I took in," Krasny said. "And I realized that after you've achieved one thing, there's a journey beyond that, and that path is also unknown."

  10. "We went from area to area of the company to search out our weakest links and build them into strengths. Every time we increased automation, we reduced the number of steps, wait time and keystrokes," Krasny said. "We learned a lot by going out and looking at a lot of other operations. We learned from looking at the failures, exploring the things they did and didn't do."

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