Great Goals Make You Stretch! by Fran Briggs

Great Goals Make You Stretch!
By: Fran Anne Briggs

I embarked upon enhancing my personal energy level three months shy of my 40th birthday. At the time, I had been diagnosed as clinically depressed, struggling with the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and rendered permanently partially disabled as the result of being involved in two car accidents (neither of which were I at fault) in six days. I recall an incredible sense of emptiness and a daunting feeling of being completely overwhelmed; especially when trying to figure out which pills went with what ills. Most of my time was spent in bed. There, I eventually became 48 pounds "over-fat."

When dreams and reasons for living are wiped out by the greatest, of the least unexpected, most people's priorities change. My priorities? Well, they just disappeared all together. I was defeated; emotionally, spiritually, psychologically ... and was knocking on "Financially's" door. Making my bed was not a priority; it simply went unmade. Paying the bills was not a priority; most simply went unpaid.

One day I awoke at 3 a.m. and was moved to make the decision ro reclaim complete responsibility of my life. And I did.

Today, 37 months post accident, I am 51 pounds lighter, at least 52 times brighter, an author, inspirational speaker, educator, small business person and private investigator. I am also a personal energy consultant who not only promotes, but promises life-altering change to those I work with. I figured, if I overcame all my physical, spiritual and psychological ailments, discovered how to run faster, jump higher, throw farther; look younger, stay up longer and manifest more energy today than when I was a starting NCAA athlete half my age, anyone can do the "undoable," too.

When clients and friends counter and say, "Maybe it worked for you, Fran, but it won't necessarily work for me..." I reply: "Look, I have a central nervous system and so do you; I'm a child of God, and you are, too!" Seconds later, they usually smile and roll up their sleeves.

Miracles happen when you remind one of the Divine.

When I began working to enhance my personal energy level, I identified, outlined and wrote down my Physical Goals. Returning to play competititive softball was in the top two. I vowed I would play this level of softball again if it killed me. It almost did! My second goal stated that I would be the starting shortstop on a championship team. I accomplished both of my goals.

Just getting back on the practice field was challenging in itself. I literally had to learn how to run again and I experienced soreness in muscles I never even knew existed! However, as I continued to practice and follow a disciplined physical conditioning program, something just short of magical happened. My personality experienced a resurgence of charisma, confidence, boldness and energy! My muscles grew stronger, my energy continued to increase and the fat melted off my body. Activity not only became easier, but quite enjoyable.

Great goals make you stretch. They can take you well beyond anything you could possibly imagine! The most important part of setting great goals is not the goals themselves, but the person you become, in the stretch.

Fran Anne Briggs

Copyright 2002 by the Author Fran Anne Briggs.

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