Whit Andrews quotes on info access by 2012

Interesting tech quotes on web 2.0 from raconteur Whit Andrews, and Gartner analyst.

Whit Andrew quotes on where the internet is headed by year 2012.

  1. “End-users of information access technology do not recognize, respect and treat as reasonable the divisions that application architecture have forced on information access strategy.”{fast forward}

  2. "All the infrastructure vendors need to respond in some way to the need for effective search technology in their products," {PC world}

  3. "The classic model for information access technology is the spider, which travels around the threads of a document Web and returns with a picture of its structure ... However, this model demands that the data be somewhat stale, and it is not acceptable for transaction-sensitive business applications or the databases they feed and by which they are fed,"{PC world}

  4. "Rather than traverse a document set and store a pattern of what it finds, the ant travels on well-known pathways to discover the 'freshest' morsel of data and return it to the colony where it can be merged with other such morsels for the good of the whole."{PC world}

  5. "Absolute convergence between business intelligence and search applications will, typically, not occur, but business intelligence and search will work in tandem," he wrote. "However, a few exceptional vendors will emerge to provide a combined business intelligence and information access platform." {PC world}

  6. "Critical issues include flexibility of indexing, incorporation of security down to the document level and, in rare cases, the subdocument level, and the flexibility to access APIs in business applications."{PC world}

  7. "fairly confident they're all looking to be acquired at this point. I think if they don't get bought, then they have to go highly specific."{on smaller players in the net search market}

  8. "At this point, what I've seen is that this is well short of a gold rush. ... It's not easy to see where this is going to go."{PC world}

  9. “Search streams - the logs in which the contents of users' search requests are recorded - are a wealth of data about what people want and how they express their desires. The owner of such a search stream possesses a powerful asset, once user attributes may be calculated to determine how they relate to the target market.”

  10. “This is the idea of the read/write Web, ... The Web is there for you and me to annotate it, share it with our friends, share it with our business associates, to add a layer of insight and personal understanding.”

  11. “In most cases, mobile users are searching for spur-of-the-moment data, like a local restaurant or directions.”

  12. “[Desktop search] is very valuable for corporate workers, ... Once they understand [how to use] desktop search, [workers] can't conceive of a time when they did not have it.” {Whit Andrews}

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