43 insults by Simon Cowell on American Idol

Here are a collection of quotes that Simon Crowell has said over the years on American Idol...some good, some bad...mostly bad...When Simon opens his mouth, usually I am like what is he going to say this time... and he never disappoints!!!

Simon says...

  1. "It started off OK, and then you played the harmonica, which was literally atrocious, and then it turns into 'Achy Breaky Heart' at the end." {to Chikezie}

  2. "It was predictable and a bit of a mess in part. It's the same thing week after week after week." {to Amanda Overmyer}

  3. "Where you're lucky is that this is a TV show and not a radio show, because your face saved that song.You're very charming and you're not obnoxious, and it's your very goofiness that made it work." {to Jason Castro}

  4. "I thought it was horrendous, actually. It was a very brave but probably foolish thing to do, because that song just doesn't work in that style." {to Kristy Lee Cook}

  5. "David ... no, no no. I thought it was corny verging on desperate, to be honest with you. It was all a little but rabbit in the headlights." {to David Hernandez}

  6. “You’ve got to know your limitations, Ryan ... something you’ve managed to do quite well through your career.” {Ryan Seacrest}

  7. “('All By Myself') is one of the biggest diva songs of all time, and you’ve got to be one heck of a singer to pull that off. And the thing is, you’re not.” {to Asia’h Epperson}

  8. “I would say, get a good job and then enjoy singing, because I don’t think you’ll make a successful career out of it.” {to Colton Berry after his elimination}

  9. "When you do Britney, you're brilliant. And then when you do you, the light goes off."
    {to Kady Malloy}

  10. "If your lifeguard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning."

  11. "It's like Randy went deaf this year. I don't know what happened."

  12. "Did you really believe you could become the American Idol? Well, then, you're deaf."

  13. "There were moments of complete torture in that vocal to be honest with you."

  14. "You have to have a talent to progress it. I don't believe Cassandra has a singing talent. She's completely wasting her money. Sorry."

  15. "My advice would be if you want to pursue a career in the music business, don't."{1st idol epidsode}

  16. To contestant Jordan,"The look, it was like something out of the Addams Family."

  17. "Utterly horrendous. I'm being serious. Honestly, it was as bad as anything we see at the beginning of 'American Idol' where all the terrible singers come on."

  18. "If you would be singing like this two thousand years ago, people would have stoned you." {to Sanjaya}

  19. "There was one great part to your song - it was the end!"{to Sanjaya}

  20. "I don't mean to be rude, but you look like The Incredible Hulk's wife."{to Sanjaya}

  21. "I think you just booked your plane ticket home."{to Sanjaya}

  22. "What you're seeing on TV is faked because I'm trying to make it look like I like her. One of these days I might say what I really feel," he said. "Randy's OK, Paula's a pain in the ass. She's just one of those irritating people. I agree with some of what she says, I disagree with a hell of a lot of what she says. I keep my time with her to a minimum."

  23. "My attitude is, if someone's going to criticize me, tell me to my face. I find Paula patronizing. It's as simple as that. Paula is more damaging than I am to these contestants because a lot of people just shouldn't be singing for a living."

  24. "I met someone the other night who's 28 years old, and he hasn't worked a day since he left college because he's pursuing a dream he'll never, ever realize: He thinks he's a great singer. Actually, he's crap. But nobody has said to him, 'Why have you been wasting your time for eight years?'"

  25. "If I said to most of the people who auditioned, 'Good job, awesome, well done,' it would have made me actually look and feel ridiculous. It's quite obvious most of the people who turned up for this audition were hopeless."

  26. "The object of this competition is not to be mean to the losers but to find a winner. The process makes you mean because you get frustrated. Kids turn up unrehearsed, wearing the wrong clothes, singing out of tune and you can either say, 'Good job,' and patronize them or tell them the truth, and sometimes the truth is perceived as mean."

  27. "I'm going to reach out with a hook if you don't shut up."

  28. "You have just invented a new form of torture"

  29. “We just went for memorable to forgettable in the space of 30 seconds.” {to Leo Marlowe during the Hollywood round}

  30. “It was a horrible, horrible song choice. It was a horrible, horrible presentation. There was nothing at all redeeming in it, except that we stopped it early.” {to Jake Mellema during the Hollywood round}

  31. "Does he have a return department. If I was given that, I'd give it back." {Said after Tiffany McCampbell said her voice was a gift from God}

  32. "Possibly the most annoying person I have ever seen in my life. I actually didn't want her to sing well." {Said after Brooke Helvie left the Atlanta audition stage. Helvie advanced to Hollywood anyway}

  33. "Do you want to be a smartass, or do you want to listen?" {To 16-year-old Nathan Hite in Atlanta}

  34. "I would like you, if I was drunk." {To Ghaleb Emachah during the Miami auditions. The 27-year-old advanced to Hollywood despite Simon being sober}

  35. "This is like the soundtrack to this town. I don't mean to be rude, but you're just really strange." {To Sarah Whitaker, a rejected 25-year-old from Council Bluffs, Iowa}

  36. "In every single way that was everything I hate. From the jacket, the singing, the dancing ... everything." {To Johnny Escamilla, an 18-year-old from Scottsbluff, Nebr

  37. “If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention.”

  38. "I think you have to judge everything based on your personal taste. And if that means being critical, so be it. I hate political correctness. I absolutely loathe it.”

  39. “I think we've got better talent than last year, There are two or three contestants, even without the competition, we would take seriously as a record label. If I don't find an international artist this year, then I will have failed. That is the one thing that interests me,”

  40. “Not everybody is perfect, and I don't think we should be looking for perfect people.”

  41. “I never want to hear that song again. I cannot stand it. I'm allergic to it.”

  42. “It was probably the easiest sell I've ever done, ... I did it on my mobile, and after two minutes of telling her about the show, she said she'd buy the idea.”

  43. “If we had to choose one American Idol to go out to dinner with, it would be Fantasia. There are no airs and graces about her . . . I like her.”

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