Surviving long-distance relationships... Love Advice:

My girlfriend and I met over the Internet six months ago and have seen each other before. Two weeks ago she came to visit me again. She left today to go back to school, and now my room and house seem so empty without her here. I don't know what to do. If you could please give me some ideas of how to help me through this I'd greatly appreciate it.
--Missing Her Like Crazy

Dear Missing Her Like Crazy,
To me, the hardest part about a long distance relationship is when your partner first leaves after a visit. It's like getting a taste of the good life and then having it snatched away. It's more difficult for the person being left behind. Every room seems to be haunted with memories of your past time together. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help get over this first bout of loneliness.

First, I'd immerse myself into a short-term hobby or project, even if it's just an exercise program or deep-cleaning your home.

Then, I'd find some pictures of her and you together and put them around the house to make you feel a little closer.

If it's possible, I'd also spend just a little more phone or web cam time with her for the next week or so.

To handle your random thoughts, I'd start a journal to collect them in. That way when you are done you can choose to give it to her or just keep it for your personal perusal.

After that, I'd get started on making plans to see each other next. Even if it's quite a few months down the road, just knowing there is a next time seems to lift the spirits. You can start planning what to do or where to go now. Or, make a little countdown calendar.

For something to look forward to, find ways to get out of the house a little more for the time being. Go to a party with friends. Or go watch a movie. Whatever your interests are, just spend some time doing something other than being in the house missing her.

You'll be surprised how quickly you'll get back to the normal routine. Before you know it your next visit will be just around the corner.

With Love, Always

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