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Feeling a little nostalgic today!

From:Ketan V. Hirani


When:Yesterday at 4:15pm

Message: Hey there folks....It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Atlanta, Georgia! The SUN is OUT!!! I just picked up some new shirts from the Brooks Brothers Store at Lenox Mall....

I had a thought....As people, we're an interesting breed! People often ask, "How do you just talk to people?" I have to say, having thought about it, it's JUST as SIMPLE as saying hi.

I would LOVE for you to try this. When someone looks at you, in the street, in the lift, car park, WHEREVER!!!

Just say, "HI!"

See what becomes of a simple "HI!" You'll either make a new friend, or just brighten up someone's day! Step out of your comfort....

You don't HAVE to, but I would assert you do this for 24-48 hours and see what happens.....See how it makes you feel....

Also, IF we're NOT friends, FEEL FREE to add me....

AND for those that read and ENJOY my messages, PLEASE send me in a message a short testimonial of what you think of my messages.

Another thought provoking message from the desk of.... Ketan.

Sent from my BlackBerry Bold, btw I am looking for one more person to join my crew... ...if you need to contact me right away call me at 219-512-9910, thanks, Ryan.

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